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Available beach villa house in Crete!


Yachtnow :

YachtNow: Charter, buy or rent a yacht for Greece and the Greek islands online.

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Go Island Hopping in Greece!
The Mediterannean awaits. Bring your family or friends along and cruise or sail the "big blue". Be your own captain, mark your own itinerary and set sail using our intelligent, yet simple, personalized yacht chooser.
Explore YachtNow.Com
 Rent a boat and get a discount up to 20% !
 Buy a boat at special price.
 Learn more about Greece's must-go places and their history.
 Take a look at our maps and sailing routes.
 Find out why over 10 million tourists visit Greece every year!
 Follow ... celebrities in Greece.
 Choose a boat from one of the most modern fleet in the world.
 Follow Aristotelis Onasis steps cruising the Mediterannean Sea with "Christina O".
 Join our new program "Rent a cabin" and make new friends on board.
Yachts for all!!!
Rent a sail yacht Sail yachts offer a more relaxed, serene and atmosphere without any compromise in comfort and performance.
Rent a motor yacht Motor yachts cruise to your destination in style and comfort. Motor yachts combine speed and luxury in a modern sophisticated design.
Rent a motor sailer Motor Sailers combining wind and sail and the power of a motor blend the traditional with the modern by striking a balance between the sophistication and speed of a motor yacht and a relaxed experience of a sailing yacht.
Daily Report
Christina O Christina O, the legendary yacht of Aristotelis Onasis, once again takes to the sea to define a new category of luxury yachting. She has undergone the most extensive restoration of a private luxury mega-yacht in maritime history and is the first in the world to bear a passenger classification.
Motor Yacht for Sale Buy now one of the most spacious motor yachts in the world!!! Designed for cruising in luxury (1st Decor Award in Cannes), offers the facilities and lux of a palace in the waters with high speed and stability.
Our brokers
YachtNow.com collaborates exclusively with Yacht Brokers authorized by the Greek National Tourism Organization and members of:
- the Hellenic Yacht Brokers Association
- the Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association
Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association Hellenic Yacht Broker AssociationGreek National Tourism Organization
Get a Discount Now!!!
-5%, all repeat customers
-5%, 2 weeks charter
-10%, 3 weeks charter
-15%, 4 weeks charter
-10%, early booking till 31/01/2003
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Sail The Aegean Sea
Sail to Mykonos the most famous and cosmopolitan of all Greek islands. Mykonos attracts many visitors from all over the globe, including celebrities, artists and intellectuals.
Special Gifts
Rent now a boat (for 3 weeks) and win an authentic reproduction of a 4th century B.C from the National Archeological Museum.
It is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity and also by a brief history of the original work in Greek, English, French and German.
(Bronze, Dimensions:7 X29 cm)
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